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Scorpio Full Moon Eclipse--On the Precipice of Change

The Scorpio Full Moon Eclipse arrives on May 5th at 1:34 p.m. EDT. The 22-minute podcast will give you my point of view about what this lunar event means for us individually and collectively. Knowing this will help us contemplate the change we may experience and what we would like to find manifesting in the future.

Knowing the houses of the birth chart that contain this polarity between Taurus (what I have, preservation) and Scorpio (shared resources, transformation) will give information about the area of life where the change will occur. Need to know? Find out how to get a Natal Chart reading which will give you that information, and much more.

If you have a need for guidance and either know the specific issue or want to know the most important messages for you now, I am doing a deep discount special on the Three Deck Card Reading, via Zoom with recording emailed to you. Normally $150 for this hour-long session, to help you process the changes from the Solar and Lunar Eclipses, the Three Deck Card Reading is only $95 for the month of May. Contact me for ways to order and schedule.

Find out why clients who've had the Three Deck Card Reading are saying, "Thank you for the support, reassurance, and nurturing today!" CR

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