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In order to provide a wide range of topics and presenters on both ancient and current wisdom practices, Shellie created Wisdom Ways Workshops. 

Current workshops can be viewed on the Wisdom Ways Workshops Facebook page.


Ministerial classes leading to ordination as an Interfaith Reverend through the Alliance of Divine Love can be given via telephone or SKYPE or as part of an in-person class. Shellie has been an ADL Reverend since 1992 and has been on the ADL National and Chapter Boards, and helped organize conferences where she has also been a speaker.

Find out more about the process and Contact Shellie to if you want to begin classes. 


Other classes and workshops with Shellie on Astrology, Aromatherapy, Bach Flowers, and more are offered in person and via web or teleconference. Information on current offerings will be found in the Blog on this site.



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