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Humans receive many gifts from the Plant Kingdom: food, spices, herbs, clothing, fabrics, building materials, paper, and colors for paint and more. Powerful methods for well-being and pleasure are found in the vibrational energy and essential oils essences of plants and flowers. 



Shellie began her journey with Plant Essences in 1980, when she took an in-depth weekend class with Eric Love on the Bach Flower Remedies, sponsored by Ellon Bach. Both the Philosophy of Dr. Edward Bach and the immediate effects of his vibrational flower essences made a great and lasting impression on her. Shellie began recommending Flower Remedies (combinations of essences for specific purposes) to astrological clients, friends, and family. 


Over the years, Shellie has written articles and taught many classes about the properties and use of these gentle healers. She works with clients through private consultation to help them receive the remedies that will address their needs and restore peace. Consultations can be done over the phone, SKYPE or in conjunction with an astrological reading.  Learn more on the Bach Flowers page.



In 1984, Shellie was introduced to the essential oils by a friend who had spent the summer in England, taking a course in these aromatic substances to add another level to her massage practice. Aromatherapy was not widely known in the US at that time.

The profoundly calming effect of Lavender essential oil she experienced after receiving a special anointing technique made her curious to know more about this subject. 

Shellie went on to teach many classes, author countless articles, hold a Board position with the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy and earn the qualification Registered Aromatherapist. Her special area of interest is Subtle Aromatherapy and providing unique, individual blends for clients.  Learn more on the Aromas page. 



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