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The Bach Flowers are a form of gentle, effective, vibrational 

energy that works on the mental and emotional levels to restore peace by reconnecting to the Higher Mind of spirit.


They were discovered and created by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1920s in the UK. He had been a physician and then a well-known Homeopath and it was through this training that he realized the vibrational energy of a plant could be transferred to water and preserved for use when needed.


As a high-level sensitive, Bach would create a 'negative' emotion or thought within himself and then 'feel' which plant had the energy that could balance the negative vibration. 

His first remedies, the Twelve Healers, were created to correct the negative energy of a zodiac sign. He went on to create a total of 38 flower essences and a synergy of these; the well-known Rescue Remedy.


A personal consultation is required to discover which of the flower essences are needed at a specific time. The Remedy can be ordered, or instructions for finding and creating a Remedy given to the client. Bach Flower Remedies are easy to find in Health Food Stores and online.


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