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Weekly Astrology Forecast--Full Moon and Direct Mercury

The week beginning Monday, April 22, and ending on Sunday, April 28, brings the Scorpio Full Moon on Tuesday and Mercury resumes Direct motion on Thursday. Details and my perspective about this Scorpio Full Moon are in a separate 22-minute podcast. The rest of the week's planetary energy forecast and information about Mercury Direct is in this 19-minute podcast.

Two weeks after the Aries Solar Eclipse, the Scorpio Full Moon may show us some fruition on the issues associated with that important event. As I usually mention, the Scorpio Full Moon is also known as the Buddha Moon. During this ceremonial time for Tibetan Buddhists--the Wesak Moon--Buddha's Message goes out to the world. To find out more about this, visit the Lucis Trust page.

I haven't gotten a link from Karen Tate yet, but if you are interested in hearing the conversation about Welsh Goddess Myths and the Modern Woman, you can search Voices of the Sacred Feminine on Spotify.

I also had another interview with Lizz Naughton and that link will be available soon. We spoke about information relating to the Revealing the Druid Legacy series, Book One, The Last Priestess, including her powerful experiences reading it herself.

Ready for an Astrology Reading? Visit the Astrology Readings Page where you can get information and order yours. Contact Me for other ways to order and my other services: Classes, Bach Flower Consultations, Card Readings, Counseling, and Custom Blends.

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