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Weekly Astrology Forecast--Changes for Venus, Mars and Pluto

The week beginning Monday, April 29th, and ending on Sunday, May 5th brings changes in signs and direction. Venus leaves Aries and settles down in Taurus, Mars comes up from watery depths and enters fiery Aries. Both planets will now be in the sign they are said to rule, giving greater strength to their energy expression.

Pluto in Aquarius retrogrades in Aquarius and our desires for control and transformation become internalized as we go back over the powerful changes since Pluto entered Aquarius for the second time on Jaunuary 21st, and even revisiting the last degree of Capricorn one more time.

This 30-minute podcast gives you information about these changes and the rest of the week's astrology energy forecast.

Also this week we come to the Cross-Quarter festival in the Celtic Ancestral calendar that is called the Beltane in Ireland and, since we don't know the words Druids used in the 5th century, in my novels, it is the flowering Fertility Festival. The celebration of the flowering green time anticipates the harvest to come and was considered the beginning of Summer. "May Day" is still celebrated with some of the old customs, including the dance around the Maypole. Where I live, the birds are sitting on their eggs now and it won't be long before the chicks are in the nest, rapildy growing into readiness for their first flight. (Note: alternatives to the calendar date include the Full Moon nearest the festival and the exact cross-quarter when the Sun enters 15 degrees of Taurus which is the 6th this year.

An article from the Druid organization OBOD gives more insightful thoughts about this time and you can actually experience a free online ceremony on Saturday, May 4th with this group via their Facebook page.

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Art: Shiloh Sophia

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