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Weekly Astrology Forecast--Virgo Full Moon and Mercury in Pisces

The week beginning Monday, February 19th and ending on Sunday, the 25th will bring a change in signs for Mercury and the Full Moon in Virgo will arrive. This 35-minute podcast has the forecast for the Moon at the beginning and gives the rest of the week's planetary energy forecast. Friday's forecast has the information on Mercury in Pisces.

Are you are familiar with the language of astrology and recognize its symbols, and are you interested in the effects of the 2024 Eclipses on people involved in the 2024 Presidential race? if so, the Zoom recording for the lecture I gave at the monthly Asheville Friends of Astrology meeting last Friday can be obtained by contacting me. I will tell you how a small donation of $10 will give you access to over 2 hours of information and a lively discussion.

Ready for a Reading? Visit the Astrology Readings Page and order yours. Contact me for other ways to pay and about my other services: Classes, Card Readings, Bach Consultations and Custom Blends.

NOTE: Pluto in Aquarius is having many different is the power of the AI to search for images online. An artist located her image as the background on my website and hired a company to get paid for my infringement of her copyright (unbeknownst to me). The web designer tried to contact her but she can't negotiate the case, and fortunately, he has agreed to accept half of the responsibility for payment. Due to this experience (I don't blame the artist, by the way, and have empathy for how easy it is for people to harvest their work) the images you've been used to seeing on the Blog posts will be replaced with free photo images from Unsplash or Pixabay. And at some point I will investigate the disagreeable need to create my own AI imagery.

Photo: free image by JPlenio Pixabay

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