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Weekly Astrology Forecast--Shifts for Mars, Venus, and Sun

Updated: Feb 13

The week beginning Monday, February 12th and ending on Sunday, February 18th has shifts for Mars and Venus (both entering Aquarius) and the Sun (entering Pisces). It also has an important aspect (Mars conjunct Pluto) and the forecast for Valentine's Day. This 35-minute podcast gives you all the information on this and the rest of the Week's planetary energy forecast.


Also this week: on Friday, the 16th at 7:00 pm, EST, I am giving a lecture on Eclipses 2024 which is online via Zoom. I will be looking at charts of public figures in politics, entertainment, as well as the chart of the RNC. It is a meeting of Asheville Friends of Astrology, but all are welcome. There is a small donation required and you can register through sending $5 or more to via PayPal, and please enter your email to receive the Zoom link.

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Contact me: for information about other ways to pay or my other services.

NOTE: I want to apologize to those who got warnings from last week's Blog Post email. I didn't get the email they usually send me at all. I know there was a big change taking place for bulk email senders...requirements to authenticate websites and send out email under a domain. My IT person had done that for me.

I also have a very aggressive program called MalwareBytes that stops me from going onto websites that could be dangerous (malware being a bigger problem than the virus). Malware can be in a photo or a link in an ad on a website and the website owner may have no idea it is there.

Since my program picks that up, I checked all the link aspects of the email sent last week and I was not blocked from seeing anything. I wondered about the photo I chose, which I had changed to link up the Blog Page here. Again, my program let me click on the photo, so I have no idea what the problem was and I'm sending this email out with the hope that whatever it was is now resolved.

The Author Update email I sentd from MailerLite had no problems at all. So it wasn't MailerLite. Fingers-crossed you got this and all is well.

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