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Weekly Astrology Forecast: Pisces New Moon and Mercury enters Aries

The week beginning Monday, March 4th and ending on Sunday March 10th, has a shift for Mercury and a New Moon in Pisces. This separate 21-minute podcast gives my forecast about the energy of th Pisces New Moon. It has a concentrated energy and is going to be fulfilled when Pisces is the Full Moon, Eclipsed in September.

The week's planetary energy forecast is given in this 25-minute podcast and includes what we can expect from Mercury in the cardinal (initiating activity) fire sign, Aries. It also gives the forecast for the days which helps us plan our time.

I had a wonderful time speaking with Karen Tate on her Voices of the Divine Feminine podcast. We covered a lot of ground on the topic of the Life of a Priestess in the Dark Ages and more.

HERE is the link to the interview. And I'll be speaking with her again near the Beltane on the myths of the Welsh Goddesses. From the modern point of view, their stories hold fascinating teachings.

And Registration will soon be open for the Essential Oils, Herbs, and Astrology course I'm co-teaching with Gabriel Mojay, beginning April 7th. You can contact me if you are interested and I'll put you on the mailing list to be alerted when that time comes. There is a nice discount for Early Registration so you won't want to miss it. I know it will be a class like no other. Would love to see you there!

We are getting closer to the 2024 Eclipse cycle and for this and other reasons you may want to know how the planetary energies are affecting you. Visit the Astrology Readings page for information and ways to order the Natal Chart Reading or one of the others listed.

Photo: Koi in Furman University Pond by Shellie Enteen

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