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Weekly Astrology Forecast--End of February and March Begins

There are no major astronomical events or changes this week so we are assimilating (a word that applies to Virgo as oriental ruler of the small intestine) the Virgo Full Moon experience. This 21-minute podcast will give you the information about the daily astrology aspects that can help you plan your week.

I hope that next week's Blog post will have information about how to register for a 6-week class I am co-teaching online with Gabriel Mojay. Our topic is Astrology and Essentail Oils for use in health matters. It begins on Sunday April 7th at Noon Eastern time and is a three hour class with a brief break. There are 6 classes, ending on Sunday, May12th. Waiting for details and how to register from Gabriel.

Some of the things I talked about in the Asheville Friends of Astrology meeting on Eclipses of 2024 have already begun to show up. I will make the recording available to those who contact me and send $10.

Your Astrology Reading can look at how the coming Eclipses appear in your birth chart. Visit the Astrology Readings page for inromation and ways to and order a Natal Chart Reading. Contact Me for more ways to pay and information about my other offerings.

And I think this is the first week of posting this website Blog without the soft colors background that was on the site. The whole issue of copyright infringement is now a lesson-learned thing-of-the-past. Everything has a birth. Astrologically, the website's birth was 7 years ago and that brings a first challenge in the Saturn cycle for this website's birth...once we see things this way, we can understand and clear karma for any mistakes made and make our way onto better pathways. Saturn goes easy on us when we agree to learn the lesson.

Photo: Aaron Burden Unsplash

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