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Weekly Astrology Forecast--Shifts for Neptune and Mercury, The 4th of July, and the Cancer New Moon arrives.

The week beginning Monday, July 1st, and ending on Sunday, July 7th holds planetary changes, a US holiday, and a Cancer New Moon. Once again, two podcasts were required.

This 21-minute podcast gives information on the Cancer New Moon. And this 36-minute podcast gives information on the planetary shift for Neptune and Mercury, the forecast for the 4th of July holiday, a bit about the New Moon in Cancer, and the rest of the week's planetary energy forecast.

The Bach Flowers and Astrology Class was well-received and most of the 30-minute consultations with me have taken place. People say they've had a lot of great insights from this process, and a new way to address some of the major issues they experience. The 3-hour Zoom class was recorded and if you would like to purchase the recording, CONTACT ME. You have two choices for purchase: just the Zoom recording for $45 or the Zoom recording and the 30-minute consultation with me (that seems to go on a lot longer than 30 minutes) for $98.

I've started my Sustack and you can find it on The name of my page is Moments in the Flow. I posted on a couple of diverse subjects last week, including: World Fairies Day, that tells the story of how a Fairy I saw inspired my Fairy Tale novella, The Greatest Enchantment, and information about Saturn's Retrograde in Pisces. It's free to subscribe and read these posts.

I've had two new interviews: one is awaiting editing, and the other is a far-ranging conversation with Rev. Charlotte McGuinness. It begins with the story of how Astrology found me and also has the story of seeing the Fairy, my thoughts the November election from the astrology of Election Day, and more. You can find the interview recording on Facebook.

Ready for a Reading? Visit the Astrology Readings Page for information and to order yours, or Contact Me for other options, and about the other services I offer: Classes, Consultations, Card Readings, Custom Blends.

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