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Weekly Astrology Forecast--Saturn Retrogrades

The week of Monday, June 24th to Sunday, June 30th brings the retrograde of Saturn in Pisces. This 30-minute podcast will describe what we can expect from this change and the rest of the week's planetary energy forecast.

I continue to post on Moments in the Flow, my Substack page. The first few were giving my background and how some of my professional tools found me. The most recent was combining my writing with some ancestral wisdom and the meaning of the Midsummer Solstice, including the attributes of the Sun in Cancer. You will find more than you hear in my podcast while reading that post. But I'm still wrestling with the technology and looking for a live person to guide me...that's the way I learn best.

Subscribing to Substack and Moments in the Flow is free. When I learn how to set the other areas up, I will have a paid subscription ($8 a month or $80 a year) where I will offer some extras and you can support my work. There will also be a Donor level, and more perks there, too. Right now it is a bit of a blur, but I know once I have the video aspect going...and the voiceover...there will be some meditations and rituals to experience, excerpts from my writing, and more information about astrology, aromatherapy, Bach Flower remedies, Ancestral wisdom, Celtic calendar celebrations and the Japanese method of Jin Shin Jyutsu.

By the time you read this, I will have completed giving the Bach Flowers and Astrology workshop. A recording of this 3 hour (probably plus) class will be available for purchase and the investment of $98 includes a 30-minute consultation with me where I will help you select the Bach Remedies for your chart or those of another. I will post about this again in next week's Blog, or you can Contact Me to order.

And if you're ready for a reading, visit the Astrology Readings page where you can get information about the Readings I offer and order yours. Or Contact Me about other ways to pay or information about other services I offer: Classes, Consultations, Custom Blends, and Card Readings.

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