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The Greatest Enchantment - A Forest Fairy Adventure

Join Melarose and Runawind, young Forest Fairies from Grandfather Mountain in the North Carolina Blue Ridge, as they journey south to the Land that Has No Fall. Here, they will encounter far more than they could have imagined; and, together with those special others met along their way, find themselves on an unexpected adventure that leads them to the greatest enchantment of all.


This is a tale for all lovers of fairy tales--from ages 7 to 107--with inspiring and uplifting messages throughout.

“Each time I read this story, I am more and more enthralled—it has all the charm and essence of The Wizard of Oz, with a clear goal of the protagonists and interesting new characters picked up along the way, each with their own distinct voice. The story is well-written, with humor, tenderness, poignancy, and a beautifully rendered message that will appeal to anyone who cares about the fate of this planet.”


~ Cindy Hochman, Editor-in-chief of

First Literary Review-East















Journey to the Meaning of Love

Journey to the Meaning of Love offers a collection of poems that follow the progress of a soul's quest to understand and come to terms with romantic love and the nature of the heart…from love as desire, yearning, gratification or pain; to a more detached awareness of human interactions and needs; evolving to a deeper understanding and acceptance of the balance of opposites which leads ultimately to the recognition of love as a spiritual path, and resulting in compassionate union that expresses Divine Love for all that is.

“Speaking of love, I love every one of Shellie's journeys to love in her collection; each one honest and profound…I was recently called upon to say a few words at a friend's passing; his Celebration of Life. Knowing the deep love he and his wife shared, I chose to read Love You Always. It was the perfect selection. If you love poetry and love, then, Shellie Enteen's Journey to the Meaning of Love is for you.”


~ Sammie Lipscomb, SC

Cover Design: Boy So Blue Graphic Arts

Available as paperback and e-book from To obtain a   signed copy, Contact Shellie.

Available as a paperback and e-book from

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