As we enter a time of major shifts, I’m so happy I have the perfect way for people to get information in advance about the planetary energies for 2021. (Knowledge is power, as the saying goes.) Last week I revealed that I have been involved in an important collaborative project created by Life Coach Tam Veilleux and I have no doubt it will be of great value in supporting everyone during the ups and downs of the coming year.

Today, I am announcing the availability of The Energy Almanac and how to get it! (Click on the Book or use the Link below)

The extensive Astrological information for this workbook concept covering 2021 includes:

A Forecast for the Year

The Forecast for Each Month

Dates to Watch Each Month

The Forecast for Each Week

The Forecast for all New and Full Moons

The Solar and Lunar Cycles and their Meaning

Icons indicating the Solar and Lunar Cycles in the headers for each Month and Week for ‘at a glance’ understanding of what activity is supported.

And along with all this important astrological information, other contributors suggest which crystals, essential oils, yoga postures, foods, and more, will help you take advantage of the 2021’s positive moments and easily deal with the challenges. Tam’s Life Coaching experience provides some great tips for this, too. And there are pages for you to write down your individual notes and plans.

I know you’ll love having this wonderful tool by your side in 2021, and you can get yours NOW by using THIS LINK Scroll down and Click on BOOKS.

At only $34.99 for the Perfect Bound version and $36.99 for a Spiral Bound Edition, consider getting a few as gifts for those interested friends and family who would benefit from having this knowledge, too.

P.S. I am giving a great FREE BONUS and another special DISCOUNT to those who buy The Energy Almanac, so be sure to look for it when you get yours!

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