• Shellie Enteen

Winter Solstice 12/21/19 11:19 pm EST


The Solstice is the moment the Sun Stands Still on the horizon (3 days) before it begins to journey to the north, which will bring the northern hemisphere more hours of light and leads us into spring and the beginning of summer. The Solstice is known as MIDWINTER and anyone following weather or the behavior of plants and animals/birds can easily report we have been in winter for a while.

The Solstice is a moment like our New Moon. This time we are seeding intentions for the NEW SOLAR YEAR, even if it isn't Jan. 1st. Spend some time doing that, knowing the powerful trine from Scorpio Moon to Neptune in Pisces can bring you many messages, visions, and the power to create from the emotional level.

We are still in a big line-up of Capricorn energy and we can look at how to shift our structures and expand our consciousness of old methods to discover things that can help us achieve so much more.

The Solstice Sun trines Uranus and joins Jupiter...this can bring magic and luck for those willing to ride the wave of change.

Venus in Aquarius loves the future and the realm of energy. She squares Uranus in Taurus and may want to push the financial envelope ahead while change can be best with more preparation. Mars in Scorpio would like to control the purse strings, but it can also respond to the guidance of Neptune in Pisces, and it also relates in sextile to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, drawing closer to their exact conjunction. Strategies are the way to our goal.

As the Solar Year begins, Paradigms will shift...will you get your inspiration now and shift with them, or fight to hold onto that which is passing away?

Art: Symmetry Box

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