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Weekly Astrology Forecast--Words of Love

This week Venus (Love) enters Gemini (Communication) and we have our last week with Mercury up to normal speed before it starts slowing down on the 17th to station retrograde on the 21st next week. What does this mean and what is the rest of the week's planetary energy forecast? This 30-minute podcast will tell you what you need to know.

This is also the week before the second New Moon in Aries on the 20th (for EDT, on the19th for parts west) which is our first Solar Eclipse in 2023. Pay attention to receive messages about what the big change and new beginning will be in your life. Or let me tell you in a reading of your birth chart. That will convey this information, the effects of the other 3 eclipse energies, and more.

You can Contact Me for more information about my other offerings: consultations, classes, card readings, and alternative methods of payment.

Art: Verena Wild

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