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Weekly Astrology Forecast--Venus in Aquarius 2023

Welcome to the first Weekly Astrology Forecast of 2023. The first week of 2023 brings a shift in our expression of love and values as Venus Enters Aquarius. We also have our first Full Moon of 2023, the Cancer Full Moon on Friday, January 6, at 6:08 p.m. EST. Find out what this foretells and get the rest of the week's planetary energy forecast.

This LINK takes you to the 21-minute podcast. There is a podcast with a full forecast for the Cancer Full Moon. Find it HERE.


Along with working toward a new podcast platform (a link will be in this Blog post each week) I will be pre-launching the first book of a trilogy, "Revealing the Druid Legacy." Book One is The Last Priestess. It has taken decades to complete and is the memoir of a Druid Priestess at the end of the 5th Century AD in Wales. The information came to me like the rest of my writing...the Priestess was my Muse and I was her Scribe. In these novels, she reveals the truth about what are called the 'Dark Ages' and those involved with protecting the Druid wisdom for the future. It has profound information along with magical experiences and romance. There is also a magical tale about how I received this 'assignment' and if you are interested, you can Contact Me and ask for a pdf copy of my Author's Note, which reveals all.

It will be available exclusively on Amazon as an e-book, paperback and hardcover

Here is a portion of two Advanced Reader reviews: “…a spellbinding, page-turning adventure through passion and ritual that opens doors to healing and transformation.” “…a masterful work of art. The author's beautiful use of language transported me to another place and time.”

You will be receiving an email from me when the pre-launch date is ready. It will come from the same email address, but through a different email server. If you want to opt out of emails about the novels, you can easily do so via the email sent, and I will appreciate your not marking it as spam ;). All those who respond to that email will be entered into a drawing and three people will receive a signed copy of the book.

May 2023 bring great blessings on all levels of your life.

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