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Weekly Astrology Forecast--Venus Enters Virgo

This week of waxing crescent First Quarter and Second Quarter Lunar Phase holds a US Holiday weekend--Labor Day. Originally meant as recognition and a day off for all who labored, this year it is also the day that Venus enters work-oriented Virgo (5 minutes after midnight Monday the 5th of September for EDT and late night on Sunday for CDT, MDT, and PDT). You'll hear all about it in Sunday's forecast.

This LINK takes you to the 30-minute podcast.

On Thursday, we enter September and approach the Autumnal Equinox, which heralds the Last Quarter Solar Cycle. 2023 is not far away. For a look at the end of this year and the coming year in your birth chart, this LINK takes you to the Astrology Readings page where you can get information and order yours.

Contact me HERE for more information and about Classes, Consultations, Counseling, Custom Blends and more.

Art: Emily Balivet

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