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Weekly Astrology Forecast--Venus Enters Taurus

After an overload of Aries energy at the Aries New Moon, the planetary focus begins to shift this week with the entrance of Venus into Taurus, the fixed earth sign she 'rules.'

One thing the Aries energy can do is push us beyond procrastination and into action. It seems that may be the message for me, as the host for my podcast service is not functioning for the past two days, the links (all of them, past and present) go nowhere at the moment, and there is no response to customer service. Something has happened and it isn't been fixed in two days, which is very odd indeed. So I feel it's time for me to branch out into a new service for podcasting. And maybe I will finally do the YouTube channel, too!

Since those things aren't established yet, I'll briefly give you some information about the coming week of April 12-18. If you want more detail in a daily forecast, you can find it on the Facebook Astralessence page.

Best days for getting things done in the flow is Tuesday between 3:00 pm EDT and 10:00 a.m. Wednesday. Then a full day on Thursday, and all of Saturday and Sunday.

The waxing first quarter ('where should I plant my seeds') Moon transits Aries through Cancer.

An energetic shift away from Aries begins when Venus enters Taurus on Wednesday at 2:22 p.m.. This is the sign Venus 'rules' and is associated with nature, the senses, personal resources (money and possessions), our relationship with our body in general, our values, feelings of self worth and what we believe we need to survive.

Venus here will value all these Taurus qualities and spend money on them, too. Trips to view natural beauty, flowers (a major Taurus area, and especially the rose), garden, real estate, food (especially chocolate and baked goods), cooking classes, music, dance lessons, clothing (that feels good, as touch is one of those senses), accessories and jewelry for the neck and ears, massage and dental work, and perhaps a bit of stockpiling will show up again, too.

The love nature for Venus in Taurus is steady, nurturing, sensual, affectionate and reliable. We will have Venus in this sign until May 8th, when she enters the mental realm of Gemini.

We are getting closer to the beginning of the 2021 Eclipse Cycle. The first is the Lunar Eclipse with Moon in Sagittarius on May 26th. To find out how where the four eclipses take place in your chart and how they will bring you change and a new beginning in the outer world and in relationships, CLICK HERE to learn about and order a Natal Chart Reading.

Art: Alphonse Mucha

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