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Weekly Astrology Forecast--Venus Enters Leo

The week beginning Monday, July 8th and ending on Sunday, July14th will bring a shift for the planet of love, values, and personal finance. Venus will leave Cancer and enter Leo on Thursday. Whatever house Leo Venus transits in your birth chart is a place where you can find love and/or money.

This 36-minute podcast will give the information about what Venus in Leo means and the rest of the week's planetary energy forecast.

Ready for a Reading? Visit the Astrology Readings Page to get information and order yours, or Contact Me for other ways to pay and my other services: Classes, Consultations, Card Readings, Custom Blends.

Another interview last week...this one with The Dale Allen Podcast has some interesting stories of my journey into Astrology and more.

I'm inviting you all to visit my Substack page and to view a recent post on Astrology and Bach Flower Remedies. It tells a bit about Virgo and how a certain remedy can help with a disharmonious response to the aspect of 'service.' I will offer the recording of the 3 hour Zoom class until the end of July. If you wish to receive that, contact me and I will create a PayPal invoice. The class alone is $45 and you can add the personal consultation to choose Bach Flowers for your chart placements for $53 or a total of $98.

Subscribing to Substack is free and there are a host of other writers on there to discover. I hope I will soon get training about podcasting on that platform and other potentials like voiceovers for the articles and offer some perks for people who will support my work at a paid subscription level ($8 a month or $80 a year) and more for the Donor Level.

Once I have the podast up and running, I may be able to migrate this Blog email list to Substack where you will get the same free podcast directly from that platform. I will give you plenty of notice before this occurs. It's also very easy to unsubscribe from Substack pages.

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