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Weekly Astrology Forecast--Venus Enters Aries

I have to begin with my apology for the inconvenience during setting up the new lists that sent a couple of test posts to the list. We are using a new email server and scheduling these posts has become necessary so you can expect to receive the email notification of these Blog posts at Noon EST, on either Saturday or Sunday.

All of this was going on while setting up ways to promote and register for pre-launch events for The Last Priestess, which will officially launch on the 23rd. Let's just say it was all a bit too much going on at the same time. 😉 Thank goddess for the Web, Email, and Book tech design and support of Stephanie Hobbs, without whom I would not have gotten to this launch and made needed improvements in this 5 year old website and email list.

But some things remain the same: This LINK takes you to the 21-minute podcast with the week's astrology forecast that has information on Venus moving into fiery Aries and more.

This LINK takes you to the page where you can find out about the readings I offer and order yours (I also accept Zelle and Venmo payments through Use this LINK to contact me for information about classes, consultations, card readings and more.

Art: Lisa M. Nelson

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