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Weekly Astrology Forecast--Venus and Mercury Enter Sagittarius

As we move on from the intense Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and subsequent events, we get a shift in our expression of love and mind when Venus and Mercury leave Scorpio and enter Sagittarius.

Find out what this means and get the rest of the week's planetary energy forecast. This LINK takes us to the 34-minute podcast.

When 2023 arrives, we will have more shifts as the nodes enter Libra and Aries, Jupiter gallops through Aries, and Pluto dips a toe into Aquarius. Ready to find out how this and other astrological influences will show up for you? Visit the Astrology Readings Page HERE and find out about the Natal Chart Reading (and my other readings) and securely order yours.

For more information and to learn about my other offerings (Classes, Consultations, Custom Blends, Card Readings, and more), CONTACT ME.

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