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Weekly Astrology Forecast--Uranus Retrogrades and Venus Goes Direct

The week of August 28th to September 3rd brings two planetary shifts--Uranus retrogrades as the week begins and Venus goes direct at the end. Midweek brings the Full Moon in Pisces while Mercury continues retrograde motion in Virgo.

This 40-minute podcast will cover those events, give astrological information for the Labor Day Weekend holiday in the US, and describe the rest of the week's planetary energy forecast.

A separate podcast for the Pisces Full Moon gives more detailed information about what the chart for this lunar event reveals.

Changes in planetary motion and a Full Moon near the Eclipses might be a good time for a reading. The Astrology Readings Page gives information about the Natal Chart Reading and other astrology readings I offer, as well as a secure way to order. Contact Me about other services or alternate ways to pay for the readings.

Art: Verena Wild

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