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Weekly Astrology Forecast--Taurus New Moon and More

This week brings the Taurus New Moon and three planets change signs. A separate podcast for Jupiter in Taurus will be posted on the Blog Page and will be part of the email you receive if you've signed up for the Blog mailing list. Also shifting: Mars and the Sun.

This 30-minute podcast will discuss Mars in Leo, the Taurus New Moon and the Sun in Gemini along with the rest of the week's planetary energy forecast.

I mention in this podcast how Jupiter in Taurus can show the expansion of consciousness in the area of Food and how this can help with the grounding we need in times of stress. Along with Uranus in Taurus, Jupiter in this sign can bring awareness of the energy signature present in food and how it can be used for health and wellbeing. This week, a fascinating class on that subject will be taking place online via Zoom.

Registration is open for Vibrational Nutrition with Candice Covington on the Energy Signature of the Foods that Open the Gates of Perception. It includes an introduction to the concept, a description of the foods, suggested methods, and we will have time for questions at the end. The Workshop will be recorded and all handouts will be send to all who register.

A separate handout with these foods and a yummy recipe for using them will also be sent. Register by the 15th if you want time to shop and prepare (doing so is optional). And if you Register by the 14th (the day this posts on the Blog), you may be chosen for a Free Consultation with Candice. It is an hour telephone consultation where you can discuss an issue or habit you want to change. She will then prepare and send a report with foods that can assist this process along with suggested recipes.

Beginning on June 15th, a monthly class on Foods for the Seven Chakras expands the journey into conscious selection of foods for a specific effect. More information to come.

The May Special on the 3-Deck Card Reading is still in effect. Contact me for information. And the Astrology Readings page gives you information on how to get a Natal Chart or other reading and a way to order.

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