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Weekly Astrology Forecast--Sun Enters Taurus, Mercury Retrogrades in Taurus

This will also be the week our second New Moon in Aries arrives and brings the first Solar Eclipse of 2023. That will have its own podcast because the forecast for this week has enough information with the Sun's shift to Taurus and Mercury's Retrograde to have a 31-minute podcast on its own.

It's a great time to have a reading of your birth chart to find out about the eclipses and how Saturn in Pisces and Jupiter shifting (soon) to Taurus will affect you personally.

Elizabeth Ashley Starns interviewed me last week to discuss the Welsh Goddesses and stories about my novel, The Last Priestess. This coming week she will interview me on the Eclipses and I will be speaking about the Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse and a bit about the next three we will have in 2023. I will post a link for that in next week's Blog Post.

Art: George Frederick Watts

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