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Weekly Astrology Forecast--Sun Enters Aquarius

Three of 4 major events this week: Cancer Full Moon, Uranus direct, Nodes enter Scorpio Taurus axis have podcasts on the Blog Page to discuss the full meanings. (Full Moon podcast HERE and Uranus/Nodes podcast HERE.)

Also this week, the Sun enters the electric, intuitive Air Element in the sign of Aquarius. Find out what this means and get the rest of the week's planetary energy forecast. This helps us plan our time wisely and understand what we're experiencing in our lives and in the world.

This LINK takes you to the 21-minute forecast for the week ahead. Ready to discover how all the new changes in the astrology of 2022 will affect your chart? Visit the Astrology Readings page to get information about the Natal Chart Reading and order yours.

Contact Me for information about my other services: Classes, Consultations, Counseling and more.

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