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Weekly Astrology Forecast--Spring Appears

This week, we welcome February. The old Agricultural Calendar of the Northern Hemisphere follows the angle and light of the Sun. Growing hours of daylight and the sun's position on the horizon has inspired the leaf buds appearing on trees and bulbs coming into bloom while the ewes give birth to lambs. These signs, on or near February 2nd, signaled the end of winter and the beginning of spring. The most widely known festival celebrations are Imbolc (Irish) and Candlemas (Catholic).

Mercury is retrograde and Venus enters Aquarius on February first, adding emphasis to this fixed Air sign in terms of how and what we love, what we'll spend money on, and by bringing benefits to friendships and group affiliations.

Find out more and get the rest of the week's planetary energy forecast. This LINK takes you to the 32 minute podcast. You can remind yourself of the week's aspects and get more information in the Daily Forecasts posted on the Astralessence Facebook Page.

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