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Weekly Astrology Forecast--Scorpio New Moon and More

This week is particularly potent as Mercury re-enters Scorpio, Jupiter joins Pluto, and the Scorpio New Moon arrives. Find out what this means and get the rest of the week's planetary energy forecast. Knowing this helps us plan our time wisely and understand what we're experiencing in our lives and in the world.

This LINK takes you to the podcast.

2021 is almost here and you will be well-prepared for the changes it will bring if you have two things in advance:

  1. A reading of your birth chart for the year--CONTACT ME to order yours

  2. The 2021 Energy Almanac workbook for the heads-up on the whole year in general--use THIS LINK to order*

Art: Susan Seddon Boulet

*Let me know if you have any difficulty ordering

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