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Weekly Astrology Forecast--Saturn Direct

The week of October 30 to November 5th brings Halloween/Samhain, Saturn goes direct in Pisces and we enter the Lunar 4th quarter. I apologize for the fact that you will hear me say October instead of November twice during the introduction to the events of the coming week.

This 42-minute podcast discusses Halloween (or Samhain), the Celtic cross quarter festivals, and what this one means. If you've heard me say all this before, you can fast forward the recording to just past 8 minutes. This is when the discussion of Saturn direct in Pisces begins. And after that comes the week's planetary energy forecast.

Reminder: The rates for my readings will be going up in January, 2024. The new rate for the first reading of the Natal Chart will be $325 and Natal Chart readings for returning clients, $275.

If you want to know what's coming up for you in 2024 or give the gift of a reading (a gift that truly keeps on giving for the whole year) at the current rate, please visit the Astrology Readings Page now and order yours. Or Contact Me for other ways to pay (you save $10 if you use direct transfer with Zelle and I do offer an installment payment plan via PayPal).

Another gift idea: I will have a limited number of signed copies of The Last Priestess and Priestess of the Realms available that you may wish to give as gifts or have for yourself. These must be purchased through me, and I should be able to get them to you before Christmas if you order by November 15th. Contact me for details.

Regrettably, the Artist of the Halloween/Samhain Priestess is unknown.

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