• Shellie Enteen

Weekly Astrology Forecast--Sagittarius New Moon

The week brings the New Moon in Sagittarius, while Venus shifts to Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces goes direct. It's our last week with Jupiter in Sagittarius and I added the information about Jupiter's entry into Capricorn at the end. Hear what this will bring and the rest of the week's planetary energy forecast.

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NEWS: I have been contracted to write the full Astrological information for the year 2021. It's for a new book called the Energy Almanac. From the astrological energy report, several others will write on helpful support using their areas of expertise, like numerology, using stones/crystals, essential oils, yoga positions and more.The publisher, Tam Veilleux, is also a Life Coach and has her input in this wonderful new tool.

I like that it's a large paper book, so you can make your own notes in it, including how the forecast looked for you and the effects of the other things you utilized. HERE is a link to purchase the current 2020 issue.

Heads Up: A week-off is coming for me, and that's a reason why the most important astrological event of that week (beginning Dec. 2nd) was included. And remember, if you want to know what's coming in 2020 as seen in your personal birth chart, it's time to get a reading. Order before January and get the current price of $155. Price goes up in 2020 to $200.

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