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Weekly Astrology Forecast--Reconsider and Release

As the Increasing Solar Light cycle begins, the Lunar Cycle is in the waning cycle, moving from Disseminating to Last Quarter Phase. A volatile Mars square Uranus takes place at the beginning of the week and Mercury enters Aries at the end. Conflict is in the picture and we can successfully navigate the energies by knowing the aspects of each day.

This LINK takes you to the 20-minute podcast with the forecast for the whole week ahead.

Two media messages: I await the sharable Zoom link to the Eclipses of 2022 presentation I gave for Asheville Friends of Astrology. When it arrives I will make it available for a small donation. If you have planets on or near 10 and 16 Taurus and 2 and 25 Scorpio, you will want to see how the eclipse charts look for these degrees. And of course, for individual information you can visit the Astrology Readings page and order yours.

I was invited to have a "Tea With Friends" chat this week with best-selling author, astrologer Louise Edington. It is not "live" so this is another link I will provide for you when it is available. We found we have a lot in common as both of us are Sagittarians with Moons in Gemini and we discovered this includes the common idea of the importance of Chiron's wife Chariklo, as well as how active the asteroid goddesses and dwarf planets Ceres, Eris, and even Sedna have been in charts these days. So this is the topic of our teatime chat.

Re: Chariklo, I was invited to write a chapter on Chiron's wife for a group book project on the Centaurs. We are honored to have my own Centaur teacher, Melanie Reinhart, as a contributor, and the current projection is publication this summer.

The beautiful Spring Equinox Mandala is by Fiona Owen

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