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Weekly Astrology Forecast--Pluto Direct, Aries Full Moon

Welcome October!

Mercury is coming up to speed this week and finally achieves it on Saturday, when Pluto goes Direct. Then the Aries Full Moon arrives on Sunday. I speak about both at the beginning, so it will be easier to access if you're seeking this information again near the end of the week.

This LINK takes you to the 31-minute podcast.

Another major change in the outer world is on the horizon, with transformational Scorpio ruler Pluto direct, as the Scorpio Solar Eclipse takes place on the 25th. This could be a good time to have your reading and look ahead into 2023; not far away. This LINK takes you to the Astrology Readings Page where you can get information and order yours. For more information and to learn more about Classes, Consultations, Custom Blends, Counseling and more, use this LINK to contact me.

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