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Weekly Astrology Forecast--Out of Bounds

This week we won't have planets change signs or a lunar event, but we do have a few planets out of bounds. Find out what this means and get the rest of the week's planetary energy forecast.

This LINK takes you to the 28-minute podcast.

A heads-up on the new podcast platform project: I have an account and secured the name Wisdom Ways Cafe which gives me latitude to do astrology and my own communications about other things in my realm of knowledge and interest. I will also interview professionals in alternative healing, authors of interest, leaders of priestess circles, and so on. Links will be posted on this Blog page, and will also be available on platforms like Apple and Spotify, while video interviews will also be on YouTube. Fortunately, my friend John Dumas*, who is a popular musician using his personally crafted flutes, didgeridoo, guitar and other instruments for the opening music, voiceover and cover design. Aiming for a late January launch!

The discount on Astrology Readings for 2023 continues in effect. You can save $15 to $25 off the regular price if you order by December 25th. The price depends on whether you order via credit card or direct bank transfer via Zelle. A glitch reported by a client using Zelle direct transfer is easily managed with one more click (they are being more careful after having had some scammers pose as their site, and that caution is a good thing).

Contact Me to order yours and let me know which way you will by submitting payment. This Page tells you all about the Natal Chart Reading and other readings I offer.

Image showing planets in declination from

*a YouTube of one of my favorites from John Dumas...he produced and filmed it when he visited us in the SC and NC Blue Ridge mountains.

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