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Weekly Astrology Forecast--Mercury retrogrades Sun Enters Virgo and Mars Enters Libra.

The week of August 21 to 27 holds planetary changes. Sun Enters Virgo and Mercury retrogrades in Virgo on the 23rd (Wednesday) and Mars enters Libra on the 27th. This 34-minute podcast will give you information about these shifts and the rest of the week's planetary energy forecast.

We are moving closer to the next Eclipse events and entering the period where experiences relating to the solar eclipse (21 Libra on October 14th) and lunar eclipse (5 Taurus on October 28th) will begin to be seen. If the degrees of the eclipse relate to your chart, now is a good time to have a reading that will include this information and what 2024 will bring for you. Visit the Astrology Readings Page to order the Natal Chart Reading. Contact Me for other ways to pay or to get information about my other services.

Art: Jahn Bruegel, the Younger

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