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Weekly Astrology Forecast--Mercury Retrogrades at the Pisces Full Moon

The two major astrological happenings the week of 9/05-9/11 occur late on Friday and before sunrise on Saturday in the EDT zone. Mercury retrogrades and the Pisces Full Moon arrives. Find out what both events will bring and get the rest of the week's planetary energy forecast.

This LINK takes you to the 29-minute podcast. The Mercury--Full Moon information is included in Friday and Saturday's forecasts.

Looking Ahead: The Autumnal Equinox takes place on September 22nd, and the last two Eclipses for 2022 arrive in late October and early November. For information about how these events and the coming year will affect you personally, click HERE to visit the Astrology Readings page for information and to order your reading.

Contact Me for more information and about my Consultations, Classes, Counseling, Custom Aromatherapy Blends and more.

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