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Weekly Astrology Forecast--Mercury Retrogrades

This week Mercury will slow down, station, and then retrograde in Aquarius. It's the week before the Cancer Full Moon so we will feel the rising energy, even as the mind slows down. Find out what this means and get the rest of the week's planetary energy forecast to help you plan your time.

This LINK takes you to the 22 minute podcast. I'll be sending out another podcast this week detailing information about the Cancer Full Moon arriving on Monday, the 17th. I've been having a few issues with the website email, so if you missed getting an email from me, if you go to the Blog Page, you should find anything I have posted. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Ready to discover what 2022 and the big changes...Jupiter's entrance into Pisces and then Aries in May; this year's eclipses; the shift of the lunar nodes...means for you? Visit the Astrology Readings Page. You'll find information on the Natal Chart Reading (and other readings I offer) and you can order yours there, too.

If you have any questions about this, or my other services, please CONTACT ME.

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