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Weekly Astrology Forecast--Mercury Enters Virgo

After a week of major change, the only things that shift this week are the lunar phase and Mercury, who leaves the fixed fire of Leo and enters mutable earth Virgo.

This 26-minute podcast gives more information about Venus retrograde, what Mercury in Virgo will bring, and the rest of the week's planetary energy forecast for the week of July 24-30. Knowing this helps us plan our time wisely and understand what we are experiencing in our lives and in the world.

Would you like to know more about the effects of the new nodes and Venus retrograde in your chart? I'm offering a special reading via recorded call or zoom for this pivotal moment. Contact Me HERE and request the Retrograde Venus and Lunar Nodes Reading. I will invoice you via PayPal or we can discuss other methods of payment. You can choose to be on the call or Zoom, or get the mp3 recording in your email (it will be recorded if you are on the call or Zoom, too). $99, up to an hour.

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