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Weekly Astrology Forecast--Mercury Enters Taurus and the Libra Full Moon Arrives

As this week starts, the planet of communications, short journeys, and studies enters the fixed Earth Sign, Taurus, and the Libra Full Moon arrives.

This 27-minute podcast discusses these events along with the rest of the week's planetary energy forecast, which also includes the energy for the Easter weekend.

A separate podcast on the Libra Full Moon discusses this lunar event in detail.

This is the last Full Moon before our Solar and Lunar Eclipses arrive. Both eclipses will cause a change and a new pathway appears. Along with the recent shift of Saturn into Pisces and the taste of how Pluto in Aquarius will manifest, this is a good time to have a reading to see how all will affect you personally. The Astrology Readings page is where you can find information about the Natal Chart Reading and order yours securely via PayPal.

If you would prefer another method of payment, or want more information about my other offerings, contact me.

Artist: Unknown (name is on the bottom border, but I can't decipher it :( ).

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