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Weekly Astrology Forecast--Mercury Enters Aries

This week Mercury leaves Pisces and enters fiery Aries and the Easter holiday arrives.

Find out what this means and get the rest of the week's planetary energy forecast. Knowing this helps us plan our time wisely and understand what we're experiencing in our lives and in the world.

This LINK takes you to the 23 minute podcast. Click HERE to get information about the Readings I offer, and order yours.

The Bach Flower Workshop Part One took place last week and Part Two will be taking place on April 18th. Part One is a pre-requisite to take Part Two, which will focus on different ways to select and work with the Bach Remedies and will not cover the basic foundational information. If you want to do Part Two you can purchase the Zoom recording of Bach Flower Workshop, Part One HERE.

Part Two will focus on:

How the body can reveal a necessary remedy

The Zodiac signs and their relationship to remedies (how to create a 'constitutional remedy') Pathways of mind and emotions that relate to a sequence of Remedies and how to approach a need, knowing this sequence.

For those who did not sign up for Part One and Two, Registration for Part Two will begin in April with a link in one of the Blog Posts, or you can Contact Me.

Wishing a Happy Passover and a Joyous Easter to those celebrating these holidays.

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Art: Tamara Adams

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