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Weekly Astrology Forecast--Mercury Enters Aquarius

This week of Feb 6-12 follows the Leo Full Moon and we are in the Disseminating Lunar Phase--a time to give out and share what we've learned or harvested at the time of the Full Moon. And this week Mercury finally leaves the serious, practical sign of Capricorn and enters the electric, intuitive energy of Aquarius.

This LINK talks you to a 22-minute podcast where you will get information about Mercury in Aquarius and the rest of the week's planetary energy forecast.

Last week I gave a presentation on the Celtic Cycles of Light and HERE is the recording and you might need this Passcode: YJyG+=i0.

I think you may be able to see it without having the Zoom platform. If you want to do the candle-gazing at the end, have one and a way to light it handy. You are welcome to download this to your device and share it, too. But it will only be available to view/download until February 15th when I will clear it from my Zoom storage.

I received the Author Proof for my novel The Last Priestess, Book One of the Revealing the Druid Legacy series. So...we are on track for a launch on Amazon later this month. This book defies the typical genres as it is Celtic Historical Fiction, a Retelling of the King Arthur legend told by a Druid Priestess and has elements of romance, fantasy, and powerful teachings.

The book is listed HERE on Goodreads so you can hit the green Want to Read button if you are a member and get an email from Amazon when the book is released, and also follow my Author page. I'm excited! I'm sharing the cover for the first time below.

Art above: Intuition by Pamela Matthews

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