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Weekly Astrology Forecast--Mercury and Venus Shift and the Scorpio New Moon

The week beginning Monday, November 6th and ending on Sunday, November 12th brings sign changes for both Venus and Mercury, a volatile Mars Uranus opposition, and in the early hours on Monday the 13th, the Scorpio New Moon. Since this lunar event arrives just four hours into Monday (EST), I am including it in this week's planetary energy forecast.

The Weekly Astrology Forecast is a 27 minute podcast that has the planetary changes at the beginning and continues with the week's forecast. The Scorpio New Moon Forecast is 22 minutes and contains some important information. I highly encourage you to hear this forecast and look at the planetary energies in the Weekly Forecast as clues to what this New Moon will bring both personally and in outer world events.

Ready for your reading for 2024? There are, as always, four new eclipses and a potent Jupiter Uranus conjunction coming. A reading makes you aware of how these energies and the progression of the outer planets, will impact and influence your experience next year.

Remember, you can get one at the current price until January. Visit the Astrology Readings Page to order the Natal Chart Reading or Contact Me for other ways to pay (Zelle, and if you need an installment plan). Other Readings like the Composite, Conscious Election or Location Election may be helpful, too, if you have a single focus to explore.

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