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Weekly Astrology Forecast--Mercury and Venus Change Signs

The week between our Aries Full Moon and our New Moon Solar Eclipse brings some shifts in planetary signs and a potentially volatile aspect to know about. This 31-minute podcast will give you informaton about Mercury in Libra, Venus in Virgo, and a heads-up about Mars square Pluto, too.

Another reminder about the upcoming eclipse cycle and that it will create changes in the outer and personal world. Coming at the end of a year, we are also in the last solar quarter where we look at what we want to keep and what we need to release; what our dreams are for 2024, and what we might need to do to achieve these goals. This focus is heightened by entering the 4th lunar quarter on Friday.

This makes it a great time to get your reading for the eclipses and the coming year and learn what the effects of the 2024 Eclipse cycle will be for you. The Astrology Readings Page gives you the direct order information for the Natal Chart and a safe way to pay...or Contact Me for other ways and to learn more about my other offerings.

Art: Ann Marie Zilberman

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