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Weekly Astrology Forecast--Mars in Virgo, Mercury in Leo

The week before the Cancer New Moon, both Mars and Mercury shift signs. Our passions, desire, motivation shifts to Virgo and our thoughts and communications enter Leo. This 30-minute podcast gives information about these changes and the rest of the week's planetary energy forecast.

The Astrology Readings page gives you information and a way to purchase one of the readings I offer. A Natal Chart reading is a good way to get information about yourself; your current hopes and issues, and to track the way things are flowing or struggling in your personal planetary picture.

Choose the Chiron and the Centaurs report to learn about these heavenly Galactic Messengers and how they work for you.

If Relationship is your concern, there's the Composite Chart which gives details about the nature of the connection, and the current status of the relationship itself, discussing the strengths and weaknesses.

The Conscious Election Chart gives you 'the best time' to schedule an important event or important beginnings, including travel.

The Locality Election helps you find the best place to live for a positive experience.

And the Horary gives a 'yes' or 'no' answer to a burning question (with information about the situation). It can also reveal information about a home you are looking at for the first time.

Contact me for more information about other services: Classes, Tarot Card Readings, Bach Flower Consultations and more.

If you're not on the Author's News email list, you still may want to knkow that Book Two of the Revealing the Druid Legacy, Priestess of the Realms, will launch this coming week. Advance Readers have said it's a book you will want to have on your shelf to consult time and again. On Amazon as e-book, Kindle Unlimited, paperback and hardcover. If you don't receive the Launch Email, you can check the page for Book One, The Last Priestess.

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