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Weekly Astrology Forecast--Mars Goes Direct!

After hanging out in retrograde, and for a long time at 8 degrees of Gemini, Mars goes direct this week. Find out what this will bring and get the rest of the week's planetary forecast.

This LINK takes you to the 29-minute podcast.

There are some big shifts in 2023 as Jupiter rushes through Aries and enters Taurus, our nodal axis of evolution changes to Aries/Libra, Saturn enters Pisces, and Pluto dips a toe into Aquarius. Find out how this looks in your chart by getting a Natal Chart Reading. Click HERE for more information and to order yours.

You can get more information on the week's aspects by following the daily forecasts posted on the

Astralessence Facebook Page, HERE. And for more information about the Classes, Consultations, Card Readings and other offerings, CONTACT ME.

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