Weekly Astrology Forecast--Leo New Moon

The week begins with a Leo New Moon and there are shifts for both Mercury and the Sun into the earth sign, Virgo. Find out what this means and get the rest of the week's planetary energy forecast. Knowing this helps us plan our time wisely and understand what we're experiencing in our lives and in the world.

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R James Case Creator and Host of 'Adventures in Truth' Speaker, Author, Coach, called this

"... an incredible report that clearly spoke to my life experience. The energy and influences were spelled out in a way that I could immediately relate to ALL of it. Shellie's ability to communicate about the information adds more clarity and depth. I highly recommend working with Shellie! I'm looking forward to our next interaction."

Because 2020 brought the Saturn Pluto Paradigm Shift, Uranus moving forward in Taurus, the Lunar Nodes Shift and the continuing, potent transit of Mars in Aries, you can be sure the last four months will bring more important aspects, including the "Great Conjunction" of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius in December.

It's important to know where these planetary energies are influencing your birth chart as this gives you the insight needed to make the best use of potentials and be prepared for any coming difficulties.

Navigating the Paradigm Shift of 2020 is the special report that describes the Saturn Pluto conjunction, Uranus in Taurus, the Lunar Node shift, Mars in Aries and the December 'great conjunction' of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius and shows where these are operating in your individual birth chart. Positive Strategies and Helpful Tools are also given for each. A PDF will be emailed for download. Originally offered for $55 in January, get this report for only $35! CLICK HERE to get yours now! (Note: your birth information--date, time, location--is needed.)

Payment also accepted through Zelle via shellie@shellieenteen.com

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