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Weekly Astrology Forecast--Jupiter into Aries, Solstice and Christmas Weekend.

This coming week is the last full week of 2022. And during this week we have Jupiter entering into Aries, the Midwinter Solstice, a Capricorn New Moon and the holidays of Hanukkah (already in progress), Yule (Solstice), and Christmas. There is a separate podcast with full information on the Capricorn New Moon HERE.

This LINK takes you to the 32-minute podcast that details the week's planetary energy and gives information on Jupiter, the Solstice and the aspects for Christmas weekend.

One more reminder about the discounted price I'm offering on astrology readings for 2023. (Zelle direct transfer, $25 off and credit card, $15 off the current price of the Natal Chart Reading). The discounted price offer is good until December 25th. CLICK HERE to contact me and let me know which way you'd like to pay and I will contact you with pertinent information. (Learn more about the Natal Chart Reading HERE.)

Wishing all my readers/listeners a Happy, Healthy Holiday season!

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