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Weekly Astrology Forecast--Aries New Moon and Equinox

The week beginning on Monday,March 20th we come out of the dreamy Pisces season and start moving full-speed ahead.

The Sun enters Aries, the Aries New Moon Arrives, Pluto enters Aquarius, and Mars finally leaves Gemini for watery Cancer.

The 29-minute podcast will give information about all this and all of the week's planetary energy forecast.

A separate 30-minute podcast for Pluto in Aquarius is also posted.

Times of transition are a good time to have a reading of your birth chart. The Astrology Readings page gives you information and a secure way to order. Contact me if you would like to know how to order using Zelle or Venmo or if you would like information about my other offerings.

Art: Kes Cardoso

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