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Weekly Astrology Forecast--Aries New Moon

What are you willing to fight for? The Aries New Moon arrives on Friday morning and it might bring the answer to that question.

This LINK takes you to the 27-minute podcast and the Forecast for the Aries New Moon is discussed first. Then comes the week's planetary aspects and you'll learn the best time for activities and when to be on guard.

The presentation on Eclipses of 2022 went very well with a lot of information, but unfortunately there was no sharable link available. I will say the major players and countries involved in the Ukraine Russia conflict are all affected by all four eclipses.

Knowing where Eclipses fall can be very helpful because you will know where the changes and new beginnings will take place. To get your personal reading that includes the Eclipses and more, visit the Astrology Forecast Page and order the Natal Chart Reading.

Contact Me for information about my other offerings (classes, consultations, counseling).

Art: Cathy McLelland

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