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Weekly Astrology Forecast--April's End

I must apologize for a couple of moments where the recording has a hiccough near the beginning, but it seems the content came through so it is still understandable. Mercury retrograde? Issues with communication and technology are a feature of this transit and I guess this was one of them.

The 24-minute podcast for this week prevails and gives you the full planetary energy forecast for the last week of April. This week we look at some of the Solar Eclipse aspects as they play out while we are receiving information about how the changes due to the coming Lunar Eclipse (May 5th) will look for us.

Some News: A wonderful example of Uranus (intuitive energy) in Taurus (food) is the idea of the Energetic Signature of Food. Author, Aromatherapist, Energy Practitioner and Educator Candice Covington will be presenting the information she received about this energy of foods in an online workshop I am co-hosting through Wisdom Ways Workshops.

The 90 minute workshop VIBRATIONAL NUTRITION is on May 18th at 12:00 pm EDT via Zoom (recording will be available). We'll take a deep dive into the philosophy in this Introduction and explore those foods that are able to increase Intuition and open the Gates of Perception. Handouts will help you stay present for the experience and include recipes for application. Only $44 to register through Eventbrite. There's more description and information about Candice on that event page, too. (on Facebook? This is the Event Page and please feel free to share it with interested friends!)

A follow-up series of seven monthly classes on applying this philosophy to the Chakras (beginning on June 15th) will be described at the event.

Ready for a Reading? You can get information and safely order on the Astrology Readings page. I have also been giving Three-Deck Card Readings which are providing very useful information and you can contact me about how to receive one of those via Zoom and get info on any of my other services.

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