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Weekly Astrology and the Full Moon in Aries

Due to personal time constraints I am combining the podcast links for both the Full Moon in Aries and the Weekly Astrology Forecast in one Blog post. We are in the last quarter of the Solar Cycle now and the issues of this quarter are important for us as we prepare for the coming New Year.

The Full Moon in Aries is loaded with messages that can help with this and so it has the single-focus 24-minute podcast for your consideration. The Weekly Astrology Forecast is found in an 18-minute podcast. Here the Full Moon is mentioned in Friday's forecast but you get the rest of the week's planetary energy to help you plan your time, and understand some of the energies that are leading to what you may experience at the Full Moon and beyond.

To get personalized information about this lunar event, the coming Eclipses and a look at the way your chart will experience the planetary energies of 2024, visit the Astrology Readings Page and order a Natal Chart Reading. Scroll that page to find other readings I offer. And Contact Me to learn more about my other offerings: Card Readings, Consultations for Bach Flower Remedies, Classes in Astrology, Bach Flowers, Aromatherapy, and more.

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